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TOWN HALL MEETING – September 24 at 6:30 p.m.

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Please mark your calendars and try to attend. Our City Councilman Charles Johnson will be hosting a Town Hall meeting on September 24th at 6:30 p.m. The meeting will be held at the Lakewood Church of Christ, located at 7701 Bayway Drive in Baytown.

If you have any questions for Councilman Johnson, please use the ‘Contacts’ drop down box and send them to the ‘Webmaster’ by Monday (9/17) so Mr. Johnson has time to get answers from the appropriate City Department.

Representatives from ExxonMobil will also be at this meeting to share information and answer questions about their proposed expansion.

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District 3 – Charles Johnson Town Meeting Feb 28

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Councilman Charles Johnson will be holding a Town Hall Meeting on Feb. 28th at 7pm at the Lakewood Church of Christ on Honeysuckle.

The City Manager and a couple of other department heads will be in attendance.

Please post any questions you have for Charles using the Contact tab at the top of this website so he can be prepared.

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Baytown City Council District 3 Runoff Election Dec 10th

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The runoff election for Baytown City Council District 3 (Lakewood is in District 3) is scheduled for Saturday, December 10th with early voting from November 30 through Dec 2, Dec 5th & 6th. Voting at the Mockingbird Room at the Community Center on Market street.

The Candidates are Spencer Carnes (Lakewood resident) and Charles Johnson. Statements from the candidates can be found in an earlier post on this website via this link:  https://lakewoodcivic.org/?p=1133  (Note that Teclesha Blanchard is no longer in the running)

Please take time to vote!

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Baytown City Council District 3 Candidates for November 2016 Election

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Baytown City Council District 3 Candidates for November 2016 Election

(in alphabetical order)

Important note: If you vote by “pulling” the straight Republican or Democrat “lever”, you will also need to go to the section of the ballot for Baytown City Council and cast your vote specifically for this election or you will not be voting for this local election.


Teclesha Blanchard


Baytown is in the heart of America. Geographically and economically.  We should serve as an example to the rest of our country that you can run a city government with a balanced budget, low taxes, and freedoms that promote businesses and community. I want to thank the Lakewood Civic Association for giving me the opportunity to share my message with Lakewood voters. This upcoming election is not about Clinton, Trump, Democrats, or Republicans.  It’s about Baytown.  It’s about District 3.  It’s about having someone who thinks outside of the partisan lines of our national parties, and focuses on what truly matters to the people of our city.  My qualifications go beyond my degree in Political Science from University of Houston, it goes beyond my experience working with Houston City Council, it goes beyond my experience working in a State Senator’s office.  My qualifications are largely manifested in my ambition and my goals to work together with our community to fix the issues that effect water contamination in and around our area. Not tomorrow but today. My ambition to enhance and grow business, by doing everything we can to make it easier for anyone to start a business. My ambition to hold our leadership accountable, by speaking up against matters that infringe on our rights as residents; and refusing to endorse issues that may burden our seniors in which case could limit their freedoms.

Lakewood is a community of champions. Champions like Dr. Dean Hutto, who much of our city counts on for Clean Teeth.  Champions like Mayor Don Carlos, who serves as a beacon of proper leadership.  Champions like our teachers and our elders that craft the young minds that make leaders of tomorrow.

It is the energy of our youth that can be enhanced by the wisdom of our elders.  There is no telling what we can achieve together.  Alone it is difficult to make changes, but TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.  Vote Blanchard this election, because Baytown is on the ballot.  Let me be a servant to our city of champions.


Spencer Carnes

September 2016


D. Spencer Carnes, P.E. has filed his paperwork to run for election to Baytown City Council District 3   which is to be vacated in November 2016 by current District 3 Councilman Brando Capetillo.   District 3 includes Lakewood, Craigmont, Ponderosa, Decker Terrace, Lantern Park, Quail Hollow, Ginger Creek, Country Club Cove, Country Club Manor, Kenwood Estates, and Eastpoint subdivisions along with San Jacinto Mall, and the north Baker Rd, and west Garth rd. commercial corridors’.

Spencer has been a resident of Baytown since 1970 when he joined the United States Steel Corporation Texas Works start up team as a management trainee. Progressing through numerous management positions he entered private practice as a Licensed Professional Engineer in 1980.

Mr. Carnes receives endorsements from District 128 State Representative R. Wayne Smith and former Baytown Mayor Calvin Mundinger.

Mr. Carnes has a long and distinguished record as a community volunteer.

He has chaired the Baytown Planning and Zoning Commission and the citizen steering committee for the Baytown Unified Land Development Code.  He is a member of the Baytown and West Chambers County Chambers of Commerce.  He also serves as State Director of the Bay Area Chapter of the Texas Society of Professional Engineers.  Considering his experience as a professional engineer and his involvement in Baytown’s growth over the past 35 years as an entrepreneur, he believes he can make a productive contribution to the city’s path forward.  His vision is to continue participation in shaping the transportation and infrastructure systems as well as continued expansion of citizen quality of life efforts.  If elected he plans to  direct special attention toward the Baytown’s  Strategic Action Plan, the 2020 Comprehensive Plan, and the Future Land Use Plan.

While serving as a planning and zoning Commissioner Spencer was involved in modifying the City’s Oil and Gas and Recreational Vehicle ordinances and would move forward to see the Subdivision and Apartment ordinances up graded.

Personal goals include promoting pro-development policies in the city that create proactive permitting policies for development and small businesses and increasing the Baytown revitalization Incentive Zone to include parts of District 3.   With his experience in working with city staff he will have the ability to get more cooperation on district issues and get them included on a City Council agenda.

Mr. Carnes and his wife Joy own and operate Carnes Engineering, Inc., Dan’s Commercial Plumbing, LLC, Carnes Design Build, LLC, and Texas Hydrant Services, all local businesses.  Carnes and his wife Joy live in Lakewood and have two children and six grandchildren.


Charles Johnson


My name is Charles Johnson, a lifelong resident of Baytown and proud graduate of Ross S. Sterling High School.  I have three post graduate degrees, which include an Associate of Child Development degree, an Associate degree in Substance Abuse Counseling  from Lee College and Bachelors degree in Leadership from the College of Biblical Studies.  I’ve worked with a coalition that focused on lowering alcohol and drug use in Baytown and surrounding areas.  I am currently working at Targa as a Process Operator Technician.

While knocking on over 500 neighborhood doors, which include the Lakewood Community, I’ve heard from many individuals who expressed concerns about quality of life issues and ways to

 improve conditions for the residents of Council District 3 and others citywide. In addition, I also utilized information received from the “Imagine Baytown” survey and focus groups found on the city’s website, to focus on specific needs and objectives for the community along with recommendations designed to improve the entire city.

Four primary areas of my platform are as follows:

  1. Continue to attract economic development to the district. The overall objective is to enhance future business growth and development throughout the greater Baytown area. Specifically, Lakewood residents voiced concerns for a major grocery store and pharmacy being located nearby, not only for convenience, but also having to avoid traffic congestion on Garth Road.

  2. City of Baytown should invest more in individual and family recreation. We have to focus and develop strategies to expand neighborhood parks; in addition to attracting cost effective entertainment to the area that will support and help to foster stronger family values. Local business should be encouraged to form partnerships where possible, with volunteers being encouraged to put on activities that will demonstrate appreciation to the citizens of Baytown for their commitment and support.

  3. Work to improve traffic congestion on city streets. Develop a capital improvements program that will address the city’s growing needs by continuing to expand major thoroughfares and improving overall traffic flow. The city should also look for innovative ways to improve hazardous traffic conditions on roadway for the safety of our children by preventing excessive speeding on neighborhood streets.

  4. Public safety and crime control are another major priority. Citizens of Lakewood, like others throughout the city, deserve to feel safe in public and at home, without fear of being victimized. Fire, ambulance, and police protection are essential to maintaining safety while helping to ensure the city’s continued development. Financial support for these city departments are essential to meet the required hiring and staffing levels needed to ensure the proper response times for the safety and protection of all our citizens.

Finally, I’m not asking to be the face of District 3, but I do want to be your voice on city council. We are “IT” Improving Together!

Sincerely Yours,

Charles Johnson,

Candidate, Baytown City Council District 3

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2016 District 3 Council Corner – Brandon Capetillo

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2016 District 3 Council Corner


I hope this letter finds you in good health. I want to take this last opportunity to keep you updated with a few items happening in Lakewood and around our community. Construction is nearly complete (finally) on Azalea Drive, marking another neighborhood street being completely rebuilt from 2007 bond funds approved by Baytown voters. Over the past 11 years many of our Lakewood streets have been addressed in some fashion and we are in much better shape than before, but our mission is not complete and I hope that continued focus on repair or complete replacement will be ongoing.  I would suggest long, high traffic streets such as Lakewood Dr., Burnett Dr. and Pin Oak Dr. should be on the top of the list. Additionally, I am working with our Parks Department for some improvements to be made at Travis Park.  If you believe any areas are in need of street lighting for better visibility, please forward me the nearest address so that I can request installation at District3@baytown.org.


It is easy to see that Baytown is rapidly growing with new retail, restaurants and housing being constructed in and around the city.  San Jacinto Mall is near the beginning phases of its transformation to become a vibrant and attractive retail destination.  The developer is scheduled to release a final layout and plan with potential coming retailers and occupants. I think you will be very happy with the outcome! I also believe that we will have a commitment from HEB very soon…..what an exciting time for Baytown.


Lastly, I simply want to thank you for allowing me to serve as your councilman the past 11 years. I have learned so much about the needs of our community and hope I have made a difference in making A Better Baytown for you and your family. God Bless and have a great summer.


Brandon Capetillo

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2015 District 3 Council Corner – Brandon Capetillo

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2015 District 3 Council Corner

Hello neighbors, I just want to take a quick minute to express my appreciation to the Lakewood Civic Association and Lakewood Garden Club for their continued efforts of ensuring we have a beautiful neighborhood to enjoy. We are very fortunate to have such an active neighborhood community.
I also want to update you on a few neighborhood and city-wide issues. Currently Holly Drive is under construction and should be completed soon. When I look back and measure the condition of our neighborhood streets now compared to 10 years ago I can see that we have made much improvement throughout the neighborhood. Our work is not done, however it is always good to see your hard earned tax dollars at work. Also, the safety of you and your family is very important to me and I continue to ask for increased police patrols and communication with our residents when it comes to getting rid of the criminal elements. If you see any suspicious individuals or activities please report it to the police, 281-422-8371 for non-emergency calls. We continue to enhance or fire protection system in hopes of achieving an improved ISO rating that should result in lower insurance rates for home owners.
This spring city council will be very busy interviewing and selecting a new city manager because of the retirement of Bob Leiper. The city manager is responsible for overseeing the day to day activities of city personnel and implementing policy as directed by city council. We continue to focus on litter abatement and removing blighted properties around the city, but we must begin with what is in our individual control. Please take a moment to remove piles of debris and materials from your property. The city-wide Trash-Off will be April 11th, from 9am-2pm. Household hazardous waste and electronic waste can be dropped off at 1200 Lee Dr., that same day and hours, please visit our new website for more details at www.baytown.org . Our economic development efforts continue to bring new restaurants, retailers and improved grocery store choices. With this growth comes increased traffic, we have hired an engineering firm to design road improvements for our most congested areas of Garth road. I believe there will be great and exciting news throughout the year regarding new development and initiatives, stayed tuned…
It is my distinct privilege to represent you on Baytown City Council and I look forward to seeing you out and about in the community. Please feel free to contact me by e-mail at district3@baytown.org. May God Bless you and your family.

Brandon Capetillo

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Brandon’s Bulletin – March 2014

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Hello neighbors, I hope you are thawing out from the cold weather and ready for spring and summer time in Baytown. We are excited as we prepare to open our newly expanded Pirate’s Bay Water Park this May. Our newest attractions include a wave pool, a family tube ride, and a tandem type of ride.

Recently city council conducted a retreat to address long range planning regarding future goals and financial outlooks for Baytown. I am pleased to report the future of Baytown is bright and we look to actions needed to manage the unprecedented growth we are already experiencing in our community. It is easy to see the retail, housing and economic growth throughout our city with the industrial expansions currently taking place. This growth will impact our traffic conditions and other city resources over the next few years and we must make decisions today to help lessen the negative impact that accompanies growth of this magnitude.

An area I continue to focus on other than infrastructure is the safety of our citizens. I believe it is very important for the city to ensure a safe community for us to live, work and play. We continue to work closely with our police department to find measures to make Baytown an unpleasant place for criminals and those whose choose to be unlawful.

I recently appointed Mr. Randy Dickey to represent District 3 on our Charter Review Committee to evaluate and recommend changes to our city charter in a possible city-wide election in 2015. Thanks Randy for taking on this important role!

It is my honor to serve you on Baytown City Council and hope that you contact me with any concerns or ideas you may have. I can be contacted anytime at email District3@baytown.org. I hope you have a great 2014 and may God Bless you and your family.


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Brandon’s Bulletin – April 2013

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Hello Neighbors,

I just want to take a quick minute to express my appreciation to the Lakewood Civic Association and Lakewood Garden Club for their continued efforts of ensuring we have a beautiful neighborhood to enjoy.  We are very fortunate to have such an active neighborhood community.

The City and I continue to identify streets within our area to recondition or reconstruct to provide safer roadway conditions.  A few park benches were recently installed at Travis Elementary Park for parents and children to have a place to rest and enjoy the play area. Also, you may have seen the water tower on Bayway Drive has recently been repainted and looks great. It is also good to see some new businesses have opened on Bayway and have improved the commercial properties. We continue to attempt to remove some of the visual blight along Bayway and address properties that degrade our area quality of life.

 It is my distinct privilege to represent you on Baytown City Council and I look forward to seeing you out and about in the community. Please feel free to contact me by e-mail at district3@baytown.org , May God Bless you and your family.

Brandon Capetillo

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Brandon’s Bulletin – April 2012

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Hello neighbors,

I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know your tax dollars have been hard at work throughout Lakewood. Recently both Hackberry and Timber Lane have been totally reconstructed with concrete. These streets were funded by 2007 voter approved bonds. The next street to be re-constructed (~2014) is Holly from Hackberry to North Burnett Drive. A few other streets have been repaved with asphalt that had enough base integrity to allow for repaving. City Council continues to try and address all the street concerns throughout our community.

City administration and I continue to evaluate the properties on South Burnett that have not taken sufficient action to return their property to an acceptable condition. We have been very accommodating since Hurricane Ike, but it is time to see completed results or more serious options must be explored and implemented. I believe that a reasonable time has been allowed for full recovery and it is in the best interest of our neighborhood to see these properties either repaired or demolished.

You may have noticed Spur 330, Hwy 146 and I-10 streetlights have recently been replaced with LED fixtures.  These fixtures are brighter and spread the light more evenly, resulting in safer nighttime driving conditions. Baytown is the first city in Texas to install this type of lighting throughout its major roadways. The LED lighting is estimated to save the city $30,000 per year in energy costs.

Thank you for allowing me to serve as your councilman. Please contact me if you have any concerns at district3@baytown.org or 832-514-9928. Have a great and safe summer, God Bless.


Brandon Capetillo

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